Interested in the PicoVideo for your TS 2068?

The PicoVideo is a Raspberry Pi Pico-based solution that gives your TS 2068 crystal clear VGA output.

What is the TS Pico?

The TS Pico is a modern expansion platform for the Timex/Sinclair 2068. It comes with software that lets you load and save from/to digital media. It plugs into the back of your TS 2068, works with your tape recorder, other digital devices, and gives you ultra-fast load and save.

At its heart, it’s a Raspberry Pi Pico, 512K Flash ROM, 512K RAM, an SD card slot and supporting circuitry that connects to your Timex/Sinclair 2068.

It can be a lot of things because you can program the Pico in MicroPython. Talking to it from BASIC or machine language is as simple as an OUT/IN statements.

The TS Pico will be supplied with a special image on the Flash ROM that enhances the TS 2068 BASIC with new commands that will let you load, run and save existing and new software.